Did you know that Pole Passion has created ............

- Miss Pole Dance UK National Championships, the first national event for pole fitness started in 2005
- Mr Pole Fitness UK National Championships the first male pole competition in the UK in 2009
- Synchronised Doubles concept within Championships in 2010
- The World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships in 2009 - and were involved in the first ever event in 2005
- 5 World Champions - National and international competition judge's package and on line training course
- The Worlds lightest free standing, portable pole fitness pole, the RPole in 2004 and the only pole sold with a safety mat as standard
- A pregnancy policy for pole fitness
- The world's first student grading system for pole fitness in 2009
- A pole business license opportunity, to share knowledge and support students and instructors on an international scale
- The very first Master Class teaching training & coaching system, sharing international & national knowledge (USA Pantera Blacksmith 2006) when pole was in its infancy and people were protective about their knowledge, we opened this up for all to share.
- A structured REP's accredited teacher training package and system to take Pole fitness to the fitness world
- The first pole sport specific First Aid training course to support all instructors and make them more competent instructors
- An apprentice scheme to support all trainee students and instructors incorporating all different skill sets throughout their programmes


Pole Passion - Innovation in Pole Dance Sport Fitness

Courses & Certification
In 2008 Pole Passion received Accreditation for our Pole Dance Fitness Instructor Training Programmes, finally making Pole Fitness an officially recognised and accredited fitness programmes with Skills Active and the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Whether you are aiming for certification, looking for a fitness class or need an in-depth, practical training experience to transform your skills, our training portfolio has been developed to meet your requirements. Most importantly, Pole Passion has the experience and understanding of learning that enables us to work with our customers to develop learning programmes that will be truly effective to help you and your organisation boost skill levels and knowledge whilst enhancing performance in new areas of fitness or classes.
GET QUALIFIED attend our Pole Instructor Training foundation course for £399 (2.5 day International Accreditation) - Learn how to teach professionally and most importantly safely and learn ways on increasing your income - did you know as a Qualified Pole Dance Instructor you can make up to £100 an hour teaching part time!

Continual Learning
Without proper safe support any learning or skill is quickly eroded either through lack of support or students quickly reaching your standard, both of which are fraught with danger as this may breed 'quick fix' solutions which in turn create the opportunity for dangerous teaching practices and incorrect training methods both leading to class structure breakdown and potential Health & Safety violations.

Our ongoing Continual Learning Lessons and Workshops are designed to support you in achieving your goals and together we develop learning programmes that fit in with this strategy.

It is critical to your success to seek out ongoing training and support. Pole Passion are unique in this respect as Instructor Training Courses include FREE training within 12 months! Simply take the course and come back as often as you want on the same course within 12 months for FREE! (UK venue only). No-One else offers this support to get you qualified and supported in your first year.

Our Mission

Four key words run through our business:

• Empowerment
• Confidence
• Fitness
• FUN!

Global Education and Training Courses with Pole Passion
Pole Passion is a global company in terms of our products and services and we are passionate about training new pole fitness instructors and helping new and intermediate level students move up to a new level of confidence and knowledge. It is critical to your success to seek out educators and mentors who you relate well with and can offer ongoing help and support. Pole Passion are unique in this respect.

Our professional team of instructor trainers are available to teach you either in the UK or at your venue anywhere in the World as our strategies and risk management skills are essential and global in offering safe well planned lessons.

Pole Passion is expanding our global footprint to include Accredited Instructor Training through partnerships extending to Mainland Europe, Northern Europe, South Africa Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Contact us today to host your own Internationally Recognised Accredited Pole Fitness Instructor Training

Join our Team

We are also seeking charismatic individuals (over 18) to join with us to grow Pole Fitness throughout the World and ideally you will be:
• In good health
• Have an enthusiastic and optimistic approach to life
• Sociable and effective communicators
• Enthusiastic about health, exercise and well being
• Fluent in English
• Capable of professionally representing our company and brand

Pole Passion is all about
Empowerment Confidence Fitness & FUN!


Competition in any sport offers a healthy element of growth and opportunity to demonstrate what the sport can offer. Pole Passion pioneered the very first UK National competition in 2005 with the inaugural Miss Pole Dance Competition. Since 2005 Pole Passion have organised and judged over 16 National, International and World events including the first World Pole Sport Fitness Competition held in Jamaica in 2009.

Miss Pole Dance promotes Sport and Fitness and demonstrates this through an annual entertaining showcase event that is open to everyone to enjoy the sheer athleticism and expertise of the dedicated pole performers in this industry. Miss Pole Dance represents the very best in pole sport fitness and entertainment and has become the most prestigious pole dance and fitness event in the World attracting interest from media and other Countries keen to follow our lead with requests from literally all over the World to help and assist the introduction of Miss Pole Dance events and advise with the introduction of a recognised structure for bringing pole sport and fitness to new Countries. Current projects include working with Russia, Japan and Brazil who we are helping develop a recognised national standard for pole dance as a national event in sport and fitness.

Miss Pole Dance is, without question, the global leader in Pole Dance Competitions
and entertainment events.

Health & Safety

We take safety very seriously and our attention to class safety is paramount and this is included within our Accredited Pole Fitness Training Programs.

The Health and Safety at Work (Act) is a primary piece of legislation covering work-related health and safety in the United Kingdom. It sets out responsibilities for health and safety including safety of students and people that can be affected by your classes and instruction. To ensure our students and instructors understand the importance of safe training, our Instructor Training Courses covers; First Aid Training, Duty Of Care, Risk Assessment and Hazard Assessment
Further, our course content has been independently assessed and confirmed as safe through moves and content resulting in confirmation that all Pole Passion Instruction comply with current Health and Safety Standards with regards to Bio Mechanical & Musculo-skeletal Principles from highest UK’s and European top accredited osteopath’s Stephen Deadman.

Pole Passion Parties

From our humble beginnings in 2003 offering 5 or 6 parties in that year. Today we operate over 250 parties a year and from 2009 we are expanding into new areas across the UK through recruitment through our instructor training programmes and innovative new parties

Hen Parties and Hen Weekends

Exclusive Weekends

Starting out as offering a single night accommodation for hen parties looking for just one night but with Brighton Hotels insisting on two nights minimum we went a few miles down the road and found a hotel who would operate a one night stay and this has proved successful to the point 2008 will see Pole Passion roll our Exclusive Weekends to cater for the full hen party packages and open our market to other hen party requests of new ideas.

Miss Pole Dance UK - National Competition & Showcase

Miss Pole Dance UK is the only global competitive Pole Dancing Event open to both professional and amateur dancers alike offering categories in Glamour, Fitness and doubles events.

Miss Pole Dance is currently open to all females both amateurs and professional dancers alike. Operating under strict rules encouraging both the art of pole dancing and the fitness sport element. Miss Pole Dance requires the dancer’s individual interpretation to be taken into account with each of the finalists having to demonstrating their athletic strength and flexible ability for this unique sport and dance style. 2007 saw the introduction of new and exciting dance choreography for doubles which allows both amateur and professional partnerships.

World Pole Dance Sport Fitness Championships

~ Opening closed minds ~

A celebration of all styles of Pole Dance Sport and Fitness and Official World Pole Dance Championships

World Pole Dance is a world pole dance finals and a celebration of all styles of Pole Dance, representing sport fitness and demonstrating empowering exercise for all women and is the first event of its kind. Ever! World Pole Dance is the result of over 6 year’s research, innovation and networking through Miss Pole Dance Competitions worldwide.

Miss Pole Dance is now regarded as ‘the’ definitive pole dance competition, where officially recognised competitions follow agreed rules of conduct and share our vision and values with competitions now represented in most countries of the World.


I would definitely recommend Pole Passion. The Course was informative challenging & interesting' - Claire
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